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Looking to achieve the perfect combination of privacy and light protection? Stellar has a wide range curtains to fit your budget

Sheer Curtains

One of the easiest ways to add style to your home is with custom made Stellar sheer curtains. A standout trend this year is the white sheer curtain, closely followed by a black or grey translucent curtains.

Use sheer curtains to create a soft, delicate ambience whilst allowing plenty of natural light to flow into your home. There is something both timeless and elegant about sheers, making them an ideal choice for traditional and modern homes alike. The lightweight fabric can soften the look of any room.

Customers Love Our Sheer Curtains:

  • Perfectly diffuse window sunlight
  • Add day time privacy to your home
  • Combine with blockout curtains for ultimate style and practicality
  • Cost- effective compared to other types of curtains

Blockout Curtains

Stellar made to measure stylish blockout curtains have the room-darkening features built into the fabric, which can reduce energy costs by cutting the amount of sunlight and UV rays that enters the room.

As they are often combined with sheer curtains, shutters and blinds, there are endless possibilities and ways for us to help you to achieve the look that you are after for your home.

Customers Love Our Blockout Curtains:

  • Completely diffuse window sunlight
  • Increased insulation – keeps rooms cool in summer and cosy in winter
  • Helps you give your home your personal style, whatever the time of year

Double Layered Curtains

Double curtains combine Stellar blockout and sheer curtains together on the one window, creating a well-designed and practical finish. You have a choice of layering one or the other on the front or back. A made to measure double curtain track can be installed or two curtain tracks, one with each curtain.

Control of each curtain is separate – draw open the heavier curtain during the day and keep the sheer curtains closed, for diffused light and daytime privacy. Close the heavier curtains at night for maximum darkness, privacy, thermal and noise insulation.

Customers Love Our Double Layered Curtains:

  • Blockout + sheer curtain combined
  • Control of each curtain is separate
  • All the practical + visual benefits of both blockout + sheer curtains
  • Layered curtains for a beautiful finish

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